BENNE is a young guy in his mid-20s with an alert gaze, and an intense presence. Benne’s phone is somewhere in the parka that he’s cast over the chair – silently. He listens attentively, and asks questions of his own. While sometimes subdued, then it’ll suddenly all come pouring out. And he begins to recall in very visual terms his travels around South America, his time working at an orphanage in Buenos Aires, his visit to Dublin, his trips across Europe, the old apartment share in Mannheim and the village he hails from in southwest Germany. Stories from a young man who goes through life with his eyes open, living in the moment. It’s a perspective on the world that is indisputably reflected in Benne’s music as well.

His debut album Nie Mehr Wie Immer came out in 2015. It was followed by two tours and countless concerts with the likes of Ryan Adams and German rock outfit Revolverheld. Benne’s second album – Alles auf dem Weg – will be out on August 5 this year.



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