The International Lovetrain gathers speed. The new album is good to go. And the Hanseatic acoustic punk trio Liedfett, aka. sprinder, Lucas and Philipp, boards the Autobahn and the clubs once more. Because they know how it works after forming the band in 2007, winning a band contest and playing several headliner tours with more than 100 concerts, plenty of festival gigs and numerous tours together with LaBrassBanda, Ohrbotten and Monsters of Liedermaching.

Liedfett – with its cultivated mixture of punk, hiphop and „liedermaching“ – sings about the colorful eruption out of the grey asphalt of life. Sex? Exhilaration? The state? There are no tares, everything flourishes in the wildest colors. With the help of Liedfett. Liedfett stands for a tender hug along with a gently kick in the ass. The trio’s lyrics sparkle between rough riffs and hymnal ballads and the tones of their songs carry a smile into the world.

The gangster rapper shows the hippie love, the heavy metal fan cheers together with the culture fan, the broker heals the broken ones. Now pour the music in and let things slide. To a lunatic night. Cheers!

“schlaflied (Victor Flowers Rmx)”

“sowie du bist”








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