NEWMEN – Fond on Pond
– The Bearable Lightness of Appearances –

A house on the Spanish Riviera near Barcelona. A deserted red swim ring floating in a swimming pool onto which the afternoon sun is projecting its wavering light through the trees. Buzzing cicadas dominating the background noise. The image of an untarnishable paradise. An apparent reality. This is the place where NEWMEN immerse to complete their third work, their EP Fond on Pond, and to subject their songs to a musical catharsis. 

„The idea of using music as a means of escaping the illusion of reality, has been underlying NEWMEN’s work ever since the beginning”, say the band. It’s not about naïve escapism, it’s about creating an artificial parallel universe. A place where art provides the individual with all the possibilities to express all of which they are unable to live out in reality. 

Simultaneously this concept of an alleged paradise, NEWMEN are portraying acoustically and visually, is being demasked as a utopian fictitious construct and fun-oriented system tweaking. „It’s about exploring collective motifs for longing like the sun, sand and beach selfies, and to expose their artificiality, without corrupting the pleasure with which we indulge in them nonetheless. It’s about the longing for mysticism in the mundane, hypnotically clouding the senses with its plastic scent.”

In the process NEWMEN reflect on two contradicting characteristics of our time – technological neomania and cultural retromania – making them the pivotal point in their work. On “Fond on Pond” NEWMEN again resort to existing pop music conventions, just as on their debut album Rush Hush and their Quick Millions EP, only to break them up by using new sounds and ironically playing around them at the same time.

Next to the band’s typical style and sound elements like staccato arpeggios, chorus heavy guitars and polyphonic vocals, on “Fond on Pond”, above all, tranquil sound elements have been introduced: warm synthesiser sounds, additional use of percussions, as well as minimalistic instrumentation. Noticeable influences from AIRKraftwerk or even Fleetwood Mac are the cornerstones of NEWMEN’s hybrid sound universe.

With their lyrics forming an emotional counterpart. When NEWMEN sing „It‘s like the saddest place on earth / if you believe in adjusted eyes“ one thing becomes unmistakably apparent: the band’s concept is that of a temporary total withdrawal. Slipping into an illusory world, its limits being defined by the parameters of the artificial. Leaving a life of feasibility behind for the bearable lightness of appearances.

“Fond on Pond” is released on November 4, 2016 through Hamburg label Ferryhouse productions. The EP has been recorded and self-produced by NEWMEN in late summer in 2015 near Barcelona. The band will be touring in December with Canadian band HIGHS. Tickets are available on:



14.12. / Köln / Blue Shell

15.12. / Frankfurt / Zoom

16.12. / Hamburg / Astra Stube

18.12. / Berlin / Auster Club



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