Sarah Klang

Sarah Klang

Sarah Klang (c) Linnéa Wilhelmsson

The Saddest Girl in Sweden

With only two singles under her belt Sarah Klang is already an artist who’s made listeners all over the world envy her melancholia. Debut single ”Sleep” was released in 2016 and early 2017 ”Strangers” hit the streaming services – praised by critics and public alike.

Klang’s sound is like no-one else’s and with her voice she encapsulates listeners into her own universe. Inspiration is found in old brides dresses, Barbra Streisand, 80’s dads and plastic flowers.

” Sarah Klang has a voice that seems to conjure entire landscapes.” – CLASH

“As an artist, she encapsulates every part of you.” – Noctis Magazine

”While some may want to compare Klang to Adele, this track, however, isn’t “music for

grannies”, but rather a song that will touch every soul” – The Revue


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