VACAY is the latest project from Levi Randall, a singer songwriter hailing from Toronto. The project aims to capture a classic feeling when music embodied authenticity. The new EP is his most fully realized project so far, showcasing a confidence and profound understanding that transcends his youth.

Levi Randall on how the new EP came together:

“Part of the struggle with creating a record is the personal growth and change you experience during the process. I started recording this E.P in the fall of 2015 and some of the songs I originally set out to create just didn’t resonate with me anymore. The vision I originally had for the project changed. It’s important to me that I believe in what I’m singing. So I took my time with the track listing, the songs that didn’t serve the vision didn’t make the cut.”

The title track of the LP, which premiered at Paste Magazine, is the EPs most vulnerable song. It allows Levi to open up about his own struggles, working towards having open discussions around mental health issues.

“Howlin’ Wind is the most meaningful song to me on this E.P. It speaks about my deepest struggles, but most importantly it speaks about the hope I’ve found in my battle with those fears, anxieties and hurts. My greatest desire for “Howlin’ Wind” is that it would speak to the hearts of people that battle with fear, that they would find hope within the message of the song.”

Levi is committed to writing music with integrity, self-producing and writing his own material.

VACAY’s upcoming debut EP ‘Howlin’ Wind’ is out today, and includes the single “Moving You“, which sits north of 1.2 Million Plays on Spotify.


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